We have some resident jays that like to come down to the patio and "steal" some pecans we put out in a bag for them. The bag is on a bench near the door and Rowdy started watching the jay from inside the house. He was playing with two of his toys (at the same time of course) and he dropped them both to concentrate on the bird.
Mark bought Rowdy a toy beaver and he likes to drag it around the house. It has two squeakers in it.
Mark bought a huge bed at a thrift shop in Santa Fe. The proceeds from the store go to a local humane shelter. The cow pillow on the top is Syb's old pillow that she slept on. Of course, that's Rowdy's green monkey with him.
Rowdy's Page
Rowdy and Mark hiking. Rowdy is scouting the trail.
On his first hike in New Mexico (11/24), Rowdy climbed the peak seen behind him. He was very proud of himself!
November 2004
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